Water Purification Systems; What To Look For

Water purifiers can help promote better health because drinking contaminated water can cause dangerous and uncomfortable health conditions. Additionally, unpurified water can leave lime scaling residue on surfaces that can damage heating or cooling units over time. Choosing a water filter involves some research because it is essential to choose a purifying system that satisfies your needs.

Identifying Water Filtration Needs

Consider your water usage needs. A single individual is not going to have the same water consumption as a large business.

Although you may know if you have hard or soft water, it is unlikely that you know the condition of your water. The best way to identify the impurities in your water is to have it tested. Contact the Environmental Protection Agency in your area to request water testing. The agency will send you a report that indicates your water’s condition.

Types of Water Filtration Units

Installed water filters either have ultra violet (UV) filters or use reverse osmosis to remove impurities. UV filters expose ultra violet light to dangerous microorganisms, which can remove harmful viruses and bacteria from the water. The light damages the DNA in the microorganisms. Thus, the microorganisms cannot reproduce, so they are not dangerous when consumed. Stronger water flow requires longer exposure to an ultra violet light. However, ultra violet filters do not eliminate chemical impurities.
Reverse osmosis water filters eliminate impurities, such as pesticides, chlorine and other chemicals. The water goes through a thin membrane that removes toxic chemicals from it. Reverse osmosis systems are more expensive than UV systems, but the condition of your water should dictate the type of system you choose.

Budget and Space Limitations

You will need to choose a unit that fits within the confines of your space. Measure the area carefully because your choices will be restricted to the units that fit.

Additionally, you may have a limited budget. Water filtration systems are available in many price ranges depending on the type of system.

If you are worried about debris and contaminants in your water, Charles Plumping and Heating can help you find the right unit based on your usage, budget, and the condition of your water. Customers do not purchase a water filtration system often. Why not get the proper guidance to select the right system that will purify your water for years? Contact the courteous, knowledgeable professionals at Charles Plumping and Heating today.

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