Stop Plumbing Problems Before They Happen

Clogged drains, reduced water flow and leaking pipes are some common plumbing problems that most people experience at one time or another. While these issues are frustrating for any homeowner, in many cases, they are often preventable. By using one of our recommended pretreatment options, you may be able to clear up minor issues on your own and prevent major problems from occurring.


Bio-Clean is a natural and safe way to eliminate the organic material that accumulates in your pipes. New pipes are clean and completely free of anything that impedes the flow of water. Over time, your pipes become filled with grease, hair and other substances, and water can’t move freely through the pipes. As a result, you’ll notice that water seems to trickle from your faucets. Bio-Clean is made from a combination of bacteria and enzymes that work to break up and dissolve the accumulated matter, so the water flows at a normal rate. By using Bio-Clean every month, you can avoid dealing with more expensive repairs later on.


Trees help to beautify your yard and provide shade for your home, but their roots can also invade outdoor pipes and damage your plumbing. RootX contains a natural herbicide that not only kills the roots inside the pipe but also forms a barrier to prevent new roots from entering. After the initial application, the roots wither and are eventually carried away by flowing water. Additionally, RootX does not affect the quality of your water, and it does not damage the trees or any other vegetation in your yard.

Water Alarm

Your home may appear to be sturdy, but it can be devastated by the effects of water damage. Most homes are constructed from a combination of wood, drywall, plaster and insulation, and all of these materials can be adversely affected by leaking pipes. In addition to causing material and structural damage, a water leak can cause a variety of health ailments, including allergies from the growth of mold and mildew. With a Water Alarm system, leaks are detected before they cause serious damage. This warning system gives you time to repair the leak before it grows and helps protect your home and family.

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