Pre-Plan and Pre-Treat: Preventative Maintenance Stops Plumbing Problems

If you’ve ever seen the mess caused by tree roots blocking pipes or the mold growth and rotted carpet spawned by an insidious plumbing leak, you know how serious a little water problem can become. Thankfully, many of the most costly and damaging problems can be avoided by taking simple preventative measures. That’s why Charlie’s Plumbing and Heating offers and endorses the best preventative maintenance products available. We provide the following solutions to save you money on plumbing costs and prevent expensive home repair bills.

Eliminate Pipe Buildup Safely with Bio-Clean

Did you know that the microscopic food chain could solve your plumbing problems? Waste such as paper, food particles, cotton, grease and soap scum can accumulate in your pipes and cause slow or completely clogged drains. Bio-Clean is a natural, non-chemical blend of bacteria and enzymes that breaks down and digests organic waste without damaging plastic pipes or causing dangerous fumes. The enzymes in Bio-Clean deconstruct the large molecules of waste into digestible sizes that the bacteria can eat. Once mixed with water, the solution goes to work instantly to clean your pipes and restore your drain to full flow capacity.

RootX Prevents and Treats Root Growth

Those beautiful green trees in your yard crave water, and they’ll try to find it in your plumbing. When roots from trees or bushes invade your pipes, they can easily trap materials in waste water. If left untreated, the roots cause serious blockages and eventually destroy the sewer system. Those thirsty roots can cost homeowners thousands of dollars, but RootX can reverse their progress. The foaming formula reaches the top portion of the pipe where most root intrusions are present. A degreasing agent removes all grime from the roots so the herbicidal ingredients can penetrate and kill them. The dead roots decay, and normal water flow is restored. RootX won’t harm plumbing or above-ground vegetation.

Water Alarm Can Save Your Home

If a pipe bursts while you’re asleep, how much time will pass before you discover it? According to statistics, your home is 85 percent more likely to be damaged by water than fire. Structural materials extremely vulnerable to water include drywall, carpeting, insulation, plaster and wood. Even when it doesn’t compromise building materials, water infiltration often leads to dangerous bacteria and mold growth, and mold remediation is a tedious and expensive process. If you think about how often it rains or snows or how many feet of plumbing carry water throughout your home, you’ll realize that your belongings are at risk of water damage virtually every minute of the day. To keep your home safe, it’s critical to detect leaks as soon as they happen. Water alarms are a simple, cost-effective solution. They detect leaks from pipes, water heaters, washing machines, ice makers and dishwashers and alert you before serious water damage can occur.

Charlie’s Heating and Plumbing Stops Problems Before They Start

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