Is a Tankless Water Heater Right for You?

Has your tank-type water heater reached the end of its average ten-year life? If so, you may have contemplated replacing it with a longer-lived tankless type. This may call for some thought. Is a tankless water heater the one for you?

The Advantages

It may help to consider the positives and the negatives of tankless water heaters. Their good points are many. They include:

    • Energy Efficiency: It’s more than just a fad. Everyone wants to save on energy, and this is where the tankless water heater really makes a splash. Unlike the tank type, it heats the water only as needed, wasting no energy in storing and keeping it warm.
    • Lower Energy Bills: For a family whose daily hot water usage is under 41 gallons, a tankless water heater will prove between 24 and 34 percent more efficient. Even in cases where daily usage exceeds 86 gallons, its energy efficiency is greater by 14 percent.
    • A Constant Supply: Imagine a world of unlimited hot showers. With a tankless heater, there’s never a need to wait around for an empty tank to fill.
    • Flexibility: Tankless heaters offer choices. A household can install a dedicated unit for a laundry, dishwasher or bathroom. In homes where the water flow needs a boost, the parallel installation of several units can provide it.

The Disadvantages

Although it all sounds good, tankless heaters are not without their disadvantages. Here are a few:

    • Limited Rates of Water Flow: A tankless water heater must be large enough to meet your household’s demand. If one is not up to the task, you might find it necessary to install a few more.
    • Insufficient Electrical Capacity: The tankless water heater will often require its own dedicated electrical hookup, adding to its installation expense.
    • Wasted Energy: A gas-fueled tankless water heater with a continuously-burning pilot can waste energy, although a unit equipped with an intermittent ignition device will sidestep this problem.
    • Greater Initial Cost: Any tankless water heater will cost more upfront than the traditional variety. However, the energy savings often offset this cost. In addition, a tankless unit will last at least twice as long.

Making Your Choice

There’s no need for indecision. The experts at Charlie’s Plumbing and Heating can steer you in the right direction. Their careful evaluation of your home’s hot water requirements will aid in your selection of the best water heater for your family’s needs.

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