Cleaning Your Home’s Air Ducts: How Important Is It To Your Health?

When people clean their homes, they often do a good job of making sure the furniture, floors, windows and ledges are properly cleaned. However, air ducts are places that are commonly neglected or never enter a person’s mind. While this is not a project people should attempt themselves, it is certainly one that deserves attention.

Why Do Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

There are several good reasons to have the air ducts cleaned. If ducts are cleaned regularly, the system is more likely to last longer. In addition to this, energy costs stay more affordable with clean ducts. However, the most important reason to have air ducts cleaned is to prevent possible health problems. With families tightening their budgets and trying to save money, the cost of having air ducts cleaned may be minimal in comparison with the costs associated with health issues that may be caused by contaminated ducts. According to the EPA, there have been examples of cases where ducts have been so badly contaminated that were considered health risks. While these discoveries are still somewhat new and are still being researched, homeowners who want to be proactive about their health should consider duct cleaning. The following are some examples of health issues that may stem from contaminated ducts:

– Hantavirus is carried by deer mice, which are found in several parts of the United States. The infection can become airborne when affected feces are moved even slightly.

– Mold and mildew are two substances that irritate allergies. Mold is responsible for headaches, fevers, eye irritation, tongue discoloration and even more serious conditions involving the lungs and heart. Since mold-related illnesses can be difficult to pinpoint, it is best to prevent mold and mildew in the first place.

– Allergies are common in both children and adults. Pet dander, dust and other allergens collect in ducts, so they often worsen allergies by continually spewing these substances into the air.

Not all mold, urine traces and rodent feces are easy to detect through smells alone. Some of the most dangerous types of mold can grow unnoticed until they start harming people who live in the home. While rodent droppings dry out quickly, some of the diseases they carry remain alive for considerable amounts of time.

How To Clean Air Ducts

The only way to have the assurance of effective results is to hire a professional. Beware of people advertising this service who are not associated with any established businesses. When it comes to duct cleaning, Charlie’s Plumbing and Heating is a good choice. Charlie’s is a family business that understands the value of promoting a safe and healthy family environment. With over 15 years of experience, the knowledgeable staff members at Charlie’s are committed to staying current with the latest advances and beneficial changes. Since everyone is looking to save a little money and still enjoy quality service, Charlie’s is now offering discounts and online coupons. To save money and schedule a duct cleaning, call 831-442-5750.

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