24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service in Salinas and Monterey County, CA

Plumbing emergencies usually cannot wait. Broken water pipes, backed-up toilets or clogged drains all need immediate attention. Charlie’s Plumbing and Heating based in Salinas, California, provides 24-hour emergency service seven days a week for those unexpected problems that must be dealt with immediately.

Sometimes problems develop over a period of time and are not noticed until they become urgent. Most folks don’t think about maintaining a building’s plumbing system until a problem is noticed. Leaking foundations, poorly draining sinks or showers, dripping faucets and sluggish sewage removal are indications of serious plumbing problems that should be tended as soon as possible.

Charlie’s Plumbing offers the following services:

24-hour emergency plumbing service
• Water heater repair and replacement
• Sewer line repair and replacement
Water treatment systems for hard water or water purification
• Water pressure boosters for problems with low pressure
• Bathroom and kitchen fixture replacement
• Water alarm system to detect leaks
• Environmentally friendly products for preventive maintenance
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) installation and repair.

We offer several preventive maintenance products that help keep plumbing systems working well. Most commercial drain cleaners contain lye and harsh chemicals that can affect pipes and plumbing fixtures and are harmful to the environment.

Bio-Clean is a non-toxic combination of enzymes and bacteria that feeds on waste that accumulates in drains, pipes, grease traps and septic tanks. When the product is mixed with water, the bacteria are activated and begin the biodegrading process. Hair, soap residues, grease and other organic waste are reduced to harmless by-products. Monthly use keeps drains clear and working well.

To keep tree roots and growth from clogging drain pipes, Charlie’s uses a herbicidal product registered with the Environmental Protection Agency as a product with low toxicity. It does not affect the tree or plant, but kills roots inside pipes and prevents re-growth for 12 months. It is non-caustic and safe enough to use in septic systems.

About Charlie’s Plumbing and Heating

Charlie’s Plumbing and Heating was founded by Charlie Clapp in 1995. Charlie’s father and uncle were both plumbers, and Charlie gained first-hand experience in plumbing by working in the family business during the summers while he was in high school and full-time after he graduated. Since then, he founded his own company and stays up to date with new technology and products to provide customers with state-of-the-art systems and equipment. Charlie’s Plumbing and Heating is accredited with the San Jose Better Business Bureau. The company’s A+ rating is based on meeting stringent accreditation requirements that include customer satisfaction, reliability, length of time in operation, honest advertising and fulfilling all certification, licensing and bonding requirements of local and state governments.

Our company serves all of Monterey County from its headquarters in Salinas, the county seat. Salinas may be best known for its agriculture, deemed the “Salad Bowl of the World” because of its array of produce. Salinas is also the birthplace of author John Steinbeck and houses the National Steinbeck Center and the John Steinbeck Library.

Charlies Plumbing and Heating proudly serves the Salinas, Monterey Bay Area 831-442-5750